"Wimpy" the wool wizzard

"Wimpy" the wool wizzard

Wimpy the wool wizzard, learn the art of caring and repairing and make your wollens last a lifetime!

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Met Wimpy kun jij zorgen voor jouw wollen kleding, repareren en ervan blijven houden!

Foekje Fleur ontwikkelde deze prachtige set.

“Oi! Wimpy here, to guide you through the process of taking better care of your woollen garb. I can go on and on about this lovely, natural material and its impressive benefits. Wool keeps me warm during the winter and cool in the summer. Wool fibres are breathable and absorb large quantities of moisture, evaporating it into the air. It’s antimicrobial, which mostly means your woollens are pretty odour resistant. I’ve never met a sheep that didn’t smell fantastic! If ewe have ever had any wool garments, you know there’s something special about them.

Sadly, the production of wool has a pretty big impact on our planet. Sheep need lots of land and produce tons of methane (excuse me). The conditions for these sheep are sometimes quite poor, but it is possible to buy organic, mulesing-free wool which is much more friendly to us and the rest of the planet. Pay close attention to where materials came from, and under which conditions they were produced, when shopping for new wool.

Better yet, buy your woollen items second hand! I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves—and inside this box—to help you bring endless life to your woollies. Use the needles and wool together with my wooden tools to keep them in tip-top shape.

But let’s also not forget the woollen garb already in your closet, the most sustainable option! Those socks with the hole, your pilled jumper, that musty scarf your nan made you. There are plenty of techniques I can show you to revive, personalise, and make them last even longer. To sum it up: fix your clothes, look cool, feel good.”

Wimpy was designed by Foekje Fleur and illustrated by Lauraine Meyer


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